New egg camouflage game

Apr 15, 2014

For the last three years we’ve been studying the evolution of nest camouflage in ground-nesting birds such as nightjars, plovers and coursers in the field in Zambia (and South Africa), in collaboration with Exeter University’s Sensory Ecology GroupPlay a new computer game online and by exerting your own natural selection, help us study the evolution of camouflage in ever-evolving populations of virtual eggs! Please also join nearly a half a million others in admiring the superb camouflage of this fiery-necked nightjar in Zambia in a video released by our funders, the BBSRC.


Tanmay Dixit awarded PhD and starting Junior Research Fellowship

Tanmay’s PhD, entitled “Signatures and forgeries: optimality in a coevolutionary arms race” was awarded with no corrections. Huge thanks to collaborators and colleagues who were instrumental to this work, and to examiners James Herbert-Read and Graeme Ruxton. Tanmay will remain on the team and continue conducting fieldwork in Choma as part of the Junior Research fellowship that he is starting at Jesus College, Cambridge.

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