New egg camouflage game

Apr 15, 2014

For the last three years we’ve been studying the evolution of nest camouflage in ground-nesting birds such as nightjars, plovers and coursers in the field in Zambia (and South Africa), in collaboration with Exeter University’s Sensory Ecology GroupPlay a new computer game online and by exerting your own natural selection, help us study the evolution of camouflage in ever-evolving populations of virtual eggs! Please also join nearly a half a million others in admiring the superb camouflage of this fiery-necked nightjar in Zambia in a video released by our funders, the BBSRC.


Jess Lund awarded an R. C. Lewontin Grant from the Society for the Study of Evolution

The Society for the Study of Evolution has awarded Jess Lund an R. C. Lewontin Graduate Research Excellence Grant, which will enable her to expand her investigations into the fascinating lives of honeyguides. This grant is awarded to students early in their PhD programmes to assist them in enhancing the scope of their research. Thank you to the SSE for their generous support of our work!

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New paper on eggshell surface properties

Stephanie McClelland’s paper entitled “Eggshell composition and surface properties of avian brood-parasitic species compared with non-parasitic species” has been published in the journal Royal Society Open Science. This study measured structural properties of the eggshells of brood parasites and their hosts around the world. The study found that…

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